The SMErobotics project aims at significantly simplifying the deployment of robotic applications for production in the context of small and medium size manufacturing. Our mission is to enable industrial end users such as SMEs to benefit from the advantages of automation, e.g. hight efficiency, constant high quality and streamlined processes, without sacrificing their own specific competitive advantages of flexibility and ability to deliver small volume, customer centered parts and products.

We envision a new generation of flexible robots and adaptive production machinery, that integrates seamless into manual production processes, assisting the skilled worker in his craftsmanship.


At the core of our vision lies the SMErobotics IT-toolchain. It will enable robot manufacturers and system integrators to build robots and systems that are more robust and self-adapting than conventional automation systems, and that will enable on the other side workers in SMEs to efficiently (re)configure, setup and use such novel robust robotic systems.

By incorporating concepts from cognitive science, learning, human-machine-interaction and knowledge processing, we significantly advance the notion of Cognitive Robotics, where robots learn from guidance and experience. We envision a scenario, where workers, who are no experts in robot systems, can easily "teach" their robotic co-workers what to do and how to do their task.