Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - effectiveness under uncertainty conditions

The operator of a robotic system, e.g. a small or mediums-sized enterprise (SME), needs a system that is not just cheap (in terms of low investment costs); the SME needs a system that is cost-effective in all phases of its life-cycle. Thus, our combined technical and economic objective is to increase the life-cycle effectiveness for the owner of the robotic system, and to support the SME by providing tools for estimating the production costs and the return on any further investment.

Please visit our Robot Investment Tool

If you consider investing in a robot solution, you can with fairly few clicks get an estimation of your robot investment. The investment estimation is based on specific robot prices from various robot manufacturers. Project hours, installation, hardware, software expenses are delivered from system integrators and automation experts from research technology institutes. You can save a PDF with your results and you will be able to get in contact with relevant system integrators.
Furthermore you can visit the knowledge section on robot definitions and on LEAN and automation and learn some basics on robots and go through our "checklist before automation".
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