Lean equipment for rapid changeover (by the worker)

Lean equipment for rapid changeover

The typical tasks of a setup procedure for a robotic system include building up the hardware, doing the programming and defining all the parameters. Many tasks have to be performed repeatedly for each specific robotic system (such as calibration), because there are no methods or representations that enable reuse. Furthermore, because much time and effort is spent on unplanned tasks (such as error search and diagnostics at a system level), this can be very time- and cost-intensive.

Thus, the objective is to enable a lean setup of the robotic system. This will also include a lean changeover of the robotic system. Our understanding of a lean setup is that the setup procedure is performed without waste of time on non-reusable tasks or unplanned tasks. In other words, all changeover and setup uncertainties have to be manageable, even when using low-cost devices that have not passed a certification procedure for compatibility checking.