The four main innovations of SMErobotics are

  • Lean equipment for rapid changeover (by the worker)
    All changeover and setup uncertainties have to be manageable, even when using low-cost devices that have not passed a certification procedure for compatibility checking.
  • Robust production through embedded cognitive competences
    All operation uncertainties within the range have to be manageable, including situations in which application-level errors occur and are then gradually addressed.
  • Continual process adaptation and task learning
    The desire for continuous process optimization gives rise to the objective of continual, (semi-)automatic system adaptation. The same applies to learning, which can be iterative, structural or interactive, to automate seamless integration of new tools or requirements.
  • TCO-effectiveness under uncertainty conditions
    Our combined technical and economic objective is to increase the life-cycle effectiveness for the owner of the robotic system, and to support the SME by providing tools for estimating the production costs and the return on any further investment.