D3: Assembly with sensitive compliant robot arms

The vision behind this demonstrator is the cooperative set-up and programming of an assembly task by a robot system and a worker. The robot system will be based on one or two force-reactive compliant robot arms – the KUKA lightweight robots. It will have the ability to reason about needed information; what is available and what is missing. It will also know how to retrieve missing or incomplete data, whether by its own capability or by interaction with the user through situated dialogues. For example, if the system has no information about an object position it could ask the user to show this position and the user can manually guide the robot arm to this position.

The needed compliance to deal with uncertainties in the position can be calculated from available CAD data and transfer motions are then automatically planned by using the manually defined start position. The aim is to enable the seamless transition from fully automatic planning to pure manual programming depending on the available knowledge, abilities and resources (e.g., sensor systems, CAD data, robotic skills, success or failure of automatic planners).

Please also watch our D3 video