D1: Assembly with dual-arm industrial manipulators

Assembly that normally would require specific fixtures can now be handled by a flexible dual-arm setup. Assembly plans are automatically generated from CAD models and refined by worker interaction using dialogue modalities such as manual guidance, touch screens, projection directly onto the workspace and demonstration by human motions.

The assembly combines synchronised dual-arm motions with skills, such as interchangeably fitting parts together and bin-picking of components. Uncertainties regarding component placements, dimensions, etc. are integrated into the automatic planning and actively handled during assembly execution by 3D sensing and worker interaction. Illustrating and simulating the planned assembly sequences for process understanding by the worker, enabling him/her to improve process parameters by illustrative interactive dialogues.

Dialogues enable the worker to effectively handle exceptions, such as mis-fittings, dropped components, etc. When the worker interacts with the system during instruction, tuning and exception-handing situations, decisions are learned into the process, skill and uncertainty models to continuously improve performance.

Please also what our D1 video