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Exhibit No. 7: Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction

Intuitive teaching of robots using a sensor driven and cognition enabled framework

The Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction exhibit by fortiss showcases a sensor driven and cognition enabled framework, which aims to integrate process and common sense knowledge into the robot's program itself.
Through its intuitive interfaces, the time consuming task of teaching robots can be reduced considerably compared to classic teach-in methods. This helps to lower the complexity of robots and to enable its acceptance
for small and medium sized productions in the domains of assembly, welding, (de-)palletizing, and others.

Use case

  • Describing tasks in the industrial assembly and welding domains in a way the domain expert is used to
  • Reduction of the required robotics expert knowledge to a bare minimum
  • Human-centric approach allowing teaching at a higher interaction level

Technological innovations

  • Understanding process and common sense knowledge of industrial domains
  • Recognizing objects and integrating them in the task description of a given domain
  • Intuitive input and output modalities such as hand gestures and user interfaces tailored to a specific domain for teaching new tasks to the robot
  • Real time process monitoring and simplified error recovery
  • Integration of standard sensors such as
    • Depth and video cameras for scene perception and human activity recognition
    • Projectors for visual feedback such as process information, object affordances, and error recovery suggestions
    • Touch screen for providing intuitive access to the framework


  • Considerable reduction of the time needed to program new robot tasks
  • Enriches human-robot cooperation through contextaware user interfaces with domain knowledge
  • Reduces downtime due to errors through intelligent error handling mechanisms
  • Reduces the complexity of teaching new robot tasks
  • Allows for shorter product cycles
  • Enables workers without expertise in robotics to operate the system
  • Improves the acceptance of robots on SME shop floors

Further information

Fact Sheet

Please download a fact sheet about Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction which contains the above mentioned exhibit details (in PDF format). This fact sheet will also be distributed at the AUTOMATICA 2014 trade fair.

Press article

Please download a complete "ready to print" press article about Symbiotic Human-Robot Interactios (in PDF format) or (in DOCX format).


  Learning cell for symbiotic
Human-Robot Interaction
(image credit: fortiss)
Online (265 KB)
Testbed showing interaction management for intuitive
teaching of process plans
(image credit: fortiss)
  3D-view for selecting a weld point
(image credit: fortiss)


Contact persons for this exhibit are:

  • Markus Rickert
  • Alexander Perzylo
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