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Exhibit No. 1: AssemblyAssistant

The assembly robot assistant

The AssemblyAssistant is a robot system aimed at support workers in up to now manual assembly work places by flexibly taking over some of the required assembly steps in a cooperative work setting. The AssemblyAssistant can cope with undefined part positions by using cameras above the work place and on the robot flange for part localisation and force sensors for tolerance compensation. It can be set up for specific tasks by non-robot experts by simply combining and parameterizing predefined function blocks.

Use case

  • At a manual workstation, a lightweight robot carries out riveting processes as an example
  • Randomly arranged components are positioned and localised
  • Selected assembly processes are carried out manually, while others are automated
  • Robot is intended to be used as a versatile tool
  • Demonstration of sensor (vision, force)-controlled assembly to cope with undefined part positions and tolerances

Technological innovations

  • High-level programming by non-robot experts (programming by demonstration)
  • Modular control architecture supports integration of various communication protocols
  • Model-based approach supports integration of different components (robots, gripper, sensors), supports reuse of available skills/function blocks
  • Automatic generation of executable robot program using model-based approach by merging component descriptions, skill descriptions and high-level user input
  • Can be used with ROS/ROS Industrial but is not limited to ROS/ROS Industrial as underlying middleware


  • Integration of a robot system into a manual assembly work place relieves worker of repetitive and tedious assembly tasks and increases output of work place
  • No need for special programming skills for system operation
  • Use of sensors allows undefined part positions and tolerance thereby reducing the need for part-specific fixtures

Further information

Fact Sheet

Please download a fact sheet about the AssemblyAssistant which contains the above mentioned exhibit details (in PDF format). This fact sheet will also be distributed at the AUTOMATICA 2014 trade fair.

Press article

Please download a complete "ready to print" press article about the AssemblyAssistant (in PDF format) or (in DOCX format).


files/Downloads/Pictures/SMErobotics_Sensor-controlled assembly_IPA_1_800x600.jpg
  Sensor-controlled assembly with
the AssemblyAssistant
(image credit: Fraunhofer IPA)


Contact persons for this exhibit are:


  • Martin Naumann
  • Ramez Awad
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Thursday, 2017-05-11
Thursday, 2016-06-30
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Wednesday, 2016-06-01

RoboBusiness Europe